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About Shelly

Shelly grew up in Northern VA right outside of the best city in the world: Washington D.C! Although her heart will always love the Capitol city, she is now a New York City based performer.

Shelly contributes her love for art to her incredible parents that surrounded her childhood with some of the richest history and art in the world!  

In May of 2018 Shelly graduated with her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Rider University! Right after graduation she headed  to New York to begin her first Equity Contract at the St. Luke's Theatre playing Heather in Sistas: The Musical.

What you may not know about Shelly is that she has over 8 million views on Vine and has one of the most iconic Cher impressions known in the Forestburgh and Lawrenceville areas.

Shelly has an extreme passion for creating unexpected and interesting new work. An example of this would be when she played Antonia in Shakespeare's: The Tempest and Lucille Drummond in Inherit the Wind. These two remain some of her favorite roles because she was able to transform these originally male roles into her own fierce, impassioned female versions. This type of challenge, to create art that goes against the norm and push the boundaries of time, is what inspires Shelly to pursue a life in theatre!

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